This NFL Superstar Just Got A Diamond Tooth Implant Worth Thousands Of Dollars [PHOTOS]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Odell Beckham Jr. got himself a diamond tooth implant this weekend because what else is an NFL superstar to do during the offseason?

The New York Giants wide receiver underwent a permanent dental procedure that implanted several diamonds on top of his canine. No word on how long the entire process took, but it reportedly set him back a cool $5,000. (RELATED: Odell Beckham Jr.’s Mystery Woman Identified: ‘I Do Not Remember All Of The Evening’ [PHOTOS])

However long it took, it definitely doesn’t sound easy.

“I got my ceramist to make a porcelain veneer that looked just like his tooth,” his dentist explained to TMZ. “And then, on that porcelain veneer, I got a diamond cross made from Odell’s jeweler that he actually made on a 3D rendering that I printed and sent to his shop.”

So, while the diamonds technically aren’t encrusted straight on his actual tooth, there’s no way they’re coming off unless he undergoes another dental procedure to get rid of the veneer entirely. Talk about commitment.

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Jena Greene



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