NFL Breakout Star Finally Speaks Out About His Naked, Bloody Arrest In March [WATCH]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Zay Jones is finally addressing his March arrest in the penthouse of a Los Angeles hotel.

The Bills wide receiver was arrested after he allegedly smashed a bunch of windows on the 30th floor and cut himself on the glass. Jones got into an altercation with his brother, Vikings wide receiver Cayleb Jones, after he threatened to take his own life. (RELATED: Bills’ Zay Jones Charged With Felony Following Naked Freak-Out)

Zay’s family paid the hotel $20,000 in damages and Bills head coach Sean McDermott called the incident “an unfortunate situation” but did not plan to take disciplinary action. (RELATED: Bills WR Zay Jones Says He’s ‘Thankful To Be Alive’)

And while Zay has remained relatively silent on the matter, he was asked about it during a Bills practice on Sunday and appeared to be doing much better.

“I’m grateful to just be here,” he told a gaggle of local reporters. “And to be on this field and to be with my teammates. To see my family. I don’t think there’s any other words to describe it but just thankful and grateful.”

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Jena Greene



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