Bachelor Party Ends Tragically After Man Drowns During Breath-Holding Contest

Jena Greene | Reporter

A 23-year-old man was found dead on Saturday after drowning in Georgia’s Lake Sinclair.

Robert Zachary “Zach” Bunsa, 23, drowned in the lake during his buddy’s bachelor party. Baldwin County Sheriff’s Captain Brad King said Bunsa held his breath for too long and drowned during the contest. (RELATED: Bachelor Parties Are Preventing Millennials From Buying Houses)

“Georgia Department of Natural Resources Cpl. Lynn Stanford says the around 15 men at the party didn’t realize he was still in the water and went to the house to look for him,” local news outlet New Jersey News 12 reported. “Stanford says it was more than seven minutes before someone realized he was still in the lake.”

When he was finally located by friends, Bunsa was pronounced dead at the scene. (RELATED: Dead Body Washes Up Near Trump Golf Course)

This is obviously a very tragic situation and I couldn’t feel sorrier for Bunsa’s family, but at a certain point, you have to know that holding your breath for a long time underwater doesn’t end well. Very few humans — if any — miss out on that lesson. My guess is, a lot of alcohol was involved in this and a lot of poor decision making ensued.

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