Charles Oakley Reaches Plea Deal In Casino Case

William Boyd | Contributor

Charles Oakley pled no contest to the charges brought against him after he was accused of changing his wager when the outcome was already determined during a Texas Hold ‘Em game.

Oakley will be only charged $1,000, and will not serve any jail time as a result of the plea deal, TMZ reports. Oakley cut a deal with the prosecutors to avoid jail time, which was how the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony.

“Mr. Oakley has pled no contest to the simple misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct which fully resolves this situation,” Oakley’s lawyers said in a statement. “He appreciates the professionalism of the District Attorney and the Cosmopolitan in resolving this event. This matter will be sealed at the time permitted by law”

Earlier in July, Oakley was caught on video allegedly cheating during three different Poker hands. The video showed Oakley allegedly pulling back a $100 chip when Oakley knew he was about to lose. Later on, when he knew he was going to win two different rounds, he added chips to his pot that increased the payout by a combined $125.

Oakley was originally facing a felony charge that carried a $10,000 fine and a jail sentence of up to six years in Nevada. The charges were brought against him by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

This is now the second time in the past year and a half that Oakley has been arrested. He was arrested after an altercation with Knicks security personnel around owner James Dolan. Dolan banned Oakley from all Madison Square Garden events after the altercation. Oakley responded to the ban by filing a federal defamation lawsuit against Madison Square Garden and James Dolan. The judge has yet to rule on the case and no decision has been made. Oakley was charged with five different misdemeanors in the altercation, and the charges were eventually dismissed by a Manhattan judge.

Oakley had a 19 year NBA career, and played for the Knicks for over 10 years. He was a key piece in their run to the NBA finals in 1994, where the Knicks lost to the Houston Rockets in seven games. Oakley now is a coach of the Killer 3’s team in the Big 3 basketball league.

William Boyd



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