Minor Leaguer Rages At Umpire, Carries Trash Can Onto Field To Prove His Point

Robert McGreevy | Contributor

A minor league baseball player just gave a whole new meaning to the insult “you’re trash.”

The Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks’ Brennan Metzger got called out on strikes by the umpire, and let’s just say he respectfully disagreed.

Whatever he said before he got called out, he definitely didn’t hold back afterwards, telling the ump “You’ve been fu***ng awful all night” also adding that the ump is “dogs**t.*

After he got tossed, he headed back to the dugout to grab a quick prop, placing a trash can behind home plate and unleashing one of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard.

Metzger pointed to the can and told the ump, “Go to your home.”

Unbelievably funny. This definitely wouldn’t fly in the major leagues; there’s more of an element of respect in the big leagues, but there is certainly an element of theatricality in the minors, so this probably won’t have any consequences.

Robert McGreevy



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