A Rally In Support Of Urban Meyer Has Some Of The Funniest Signs Ever

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

A rally was held Monday night in support of football coach Urban Meyer as he’s been engulfed in scandal at Ohio State University.

The signs some fans brought will honestly make you laugh out loud. One read, “Finebaum’s words are weaker than Alabama’s football schedule.” Another read, “ESPN = Fake News.” (RELATED: URBAN MEYER RELEASES STATEMENT, CLAIMS HE LIED ABOUT NOT KNOWING ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALLEGATIONS)

Naturally, there wasn’t just one sign taking a shot at ESPN. One guy’s sign stated, “ESPN SEC FRAUDS.”

I absolutely love how OSU fans are dragging ESPN’s love for the SEC into this situation. Meyer has been accused of covering up allegations of domestic violence against former coach Zach Smith, and the fans are somehow making this about the SEC. (RELATED: OHIO STATE PUTS HEAD FOOTBALL COACH ON LEAVE AFTER DOMESTIC ABUSE SCANDAL. HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW)

The fandom of college football is something that’s difficult to put into words. How do you rationalize drawing up sings to support a coach who could get fired for a justified reason? Sure, they might look smart if Meyer gets cleared, but they’re going to look like clowns if he gets shown the door. That’s simply a fact.

Here’s some more free life advice for all of you. If you’re above the age of 10, you shouldn’t be making signs. That’s simply common sense. Also, attending a rally in support of a coach is almost always going to be a bad idea. It’s amazing how quickly some people go from behaving like adults to children when it comes to sports.

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