Former NFL Player Wins UFC Fight In 17 Seconds

William Boyd | Contributor

Former NFL defensive lineman Greg Hardy fought Tebaris Gordon in the headlining fight at Dana White’s Contender Series in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. The fight, however, did not last long.

Hardy beat Gordon in 17 seconds with a first-round knockout. Fighting in the heavyweight division, Hardy cornered Gordon and pummeled him, knocking him out cold. The fight was called almost immediately.

In his first professional fight, Hardy defeated heavyweight Austen Lane in 57 seconds earlier this year.


Hardy had a 2-0 professional record going into this fight – the first of a four-fight contract with the UFC parent company Zuffa. Hardy was given a contract by UFC President Dana White back in June after a fight, but White wanted to give him more fighting experience.

Gordon, Hardy’s opponent, said before the fight that he was faster and stronger than Hardy in the ring. It’s safe to say that did not work out too well for Gordon.

“Obviously, he’s powerful, but that’s really it,” said Gordon in a pre-fight video with Dana White. “I think I’m better than Greg Hardy everywhere. He doesn’t do anything that shocks me … I am faster than Greg Hardy. I have more power than Greg Hardy. And I’m going to go out there and finish him.”

“I’m going to show the world in this fight that this is what I do,” said Hardy pre-fight. “This is not a fluke. And I’m here to play … I think it is going to end fast. I think it is going to end dramatically. But I think it is going to be a great fight.”

Hardy has been a hugely controversial figure in the UFC world after domestic violence charges were brought against him. He was convicted in the case, but it was eventually dismissed because the woman that Hardy assaulted did not want to testify in court. So Hardy moved his professional career to UFC.

He has said that if any NFL team called, he would join that team in a heartbeat. But I doubt any NFL team wants a player that has that type of conviction on their record. Heck, I don’t know if he should even be in the UFC for that matter.

White has said that he wants to put Hardy on a major UFC event, but that he does not have enough experience yet. When that time does come, it will be heavily publicized and debated. Hardy will be given a huge stage, despite everyone knowing about his past. White will most likely come under a lot of heat for this decision.

Thankfully, we will have to wait for that time. Hopefully, it will never come.

William Boyd



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