Here’s What Johnny Manziel Had To Say After His Disastrous First Football Game In Years

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Johnny Manziel sounded like a very mature man when he discussed his horrific play for the Montreal Alouettes.

Johnny Football’s CFL debut was something fans everywhere were eagerly waiting for, but it didn’t go well. He tossed four interceptions, his team struggled all night, and it was ugly from start to finish. (RELATED: HERE’S HOW MANY NFL TEAMS ARE APPARENTLY STILL INTERESTED IN JOHNNY MANZIEL)

“I feel this team has faith in me. I hope they continue to have faith. It’s not easy. You sit there and watch your quarterback throw four (interceptions), especially with all the hype and buzz that was surrounding everything. You flush it and move on … I stood in front of the guys after the game. I put a lot of that on myself. I take pride in what I put on film, the way I play the game. It wasn’t a good day,” Manziel told the media Tuesday after getting destroyed in his CFL debut against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, according to the Montreal Gazette.

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As I’ve said many times before, this wasn’t going to happen overnight. Manziel is going to need more than a few practices to become a star quarterback north of the border. Now, did I think it’d go as poorly as it did? No, I didn’t, but here we are. That’s simply football and life. Nothing goes according to plan.

However, I’m hardly nervous. Nobody could really have succeeded in the position he was put in. Give it a little more time, and then things should start to mesh. Either way, the CFL has a lot of American football fans paying attention. That’s a win for the league big time, and they can thank Manziel.

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