NCAA Has Released Major Changes To The College Basketball System

William Boyd | Contributor

The NCAA announced major changes to their college basketball system on Wednesday.

The biggest change so far allows athletes who declare for the draft and go undrafted to go back to college. This rule will allow for more flexibility in the draft process and reduce the risk of going to the draft so soon.

Additionally, “elite” high school prospects identified by Team USA will be allowed to have agents who are approved by the NCAA. This is for advice purposes throughout the recruiting process, and better decision-making when they go to college or while they are making college decisions.

The change in undrafted players will shake up the college basketball world, and take out all of the potential risk of going into the NBA draft. Players do not have to go to the G-League, and instead stay in college and pursue more recognition by NBA teams. The undrafted player rule will replace the old rule, stating that you had 10 days after the NBA Combine to withdraw from the draft.
Other new rules will make the schools provide financial assistance to players who want to leave school early, but want to continue their degree after they finish their professional career. In simplest terms, they will continue the scholarships for players once they come back to school to finish their degree.
The rules make the university presidents and chancellors directly responsible for keeping the players and athletic programs in line with the new policy. The programs now have a requirement to report all violations at any level in the university. If they don’t, they will face stronger penalties than the previous rules. The policy will make university officials more accountable, and reduce the potential of outside influences on the players.


The rules also require presidents The NCAA will also bring in people unrelated to sports or the NCAA to be a part of their board, which will bring a “fresh perspective and independent judgment.”

NCAA released a statement talking about the new rules for the programs:

The September 2017 announcement of a federal investigation into fraud in college basketball recruiting made it clear the NCAA needed to make significant changes—and do so quickly,” said the NCAA. “These changes will promote integrity in the game, strengthen accountability and prioritize the interests of student-athletes over every other factor.

If they [the schools] are unwilling or unable to act, we will consider additional changes that will support the success of student-athletes. It’s on us to restore the integrity of college basketball and continue to improve the interests of all student-athletes. They deserve nothing less.

The swift changes to the rules is a direct result of the FBI investigation into the NCAA and their recruiting violations. They want to reduce the amount of bribery and corruption within the NCAA and fix the problem of recruits being influenced by outside sources.

The entire list and explanation of new rules that the NCAA is implementing can be found here.

William Boyd



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