Ohio State Investigation Takes Another Unexpected Turn. Things Keep Getting Worse

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The situation at Ohio State University continues to get murkier with another update from Brett McMurphy.

McMurphy got his hands on the contract of fired assistant coach Zach Smith, and it’s got a pretty interesting tidbit of information in it.

For those of you who haven’t been following, Smith was accused of domestic violence in 2015 and was fired a couple weeks ago. Head football coach Urban Meyer was put on paid administrative leave after he appeared to have lied about knowing of the allegations without taking action. (RELATED: URBAN MEYER RELEASES STATEMENT, CLAIMS HE LIED ABOUT NOT KNOWING ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALLEGATIONS)

Smith received some massive raises during his time at Ohio State. Would you all care to guess the year he didn’t receive a big raise? He only received a raise of $6,600 after being allegedly investigated for domestic violence against his former wife Courtney.

He had never previously received a raise of nearly $50,000. Other major coaches on staff after the 2015 season all received massive raises. It was only Smith who barely got anything, according to McMurphy. (RELATED: OHIO STATE PUTS HEAD FOOTBALL COACH ON LEAVE AFTER DOMESTIC ABUSE SCANDAL. HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW)

Obviously, these documents don’t prove that Meyer or anybody else at the school knew anything, but they’re certainly suspicious. As Clay Travis pointed out, it almost seems like they knew about the allegations and chose not to give him a raise because of it.

At this point, I have no idea what’s going to happen. Not a single clue in my mind. I still maintain, however, that the longer Meyer goes without being fired, the less likely it is he will be shown the door. The investigation is supposed to be done by August 19. Check back to The Smoke Room to get the latest updates on the situation with the Ohio State football program.

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