NFL Free Agent Calls NFL Coach A F***ing Liar, Apologizes

William Boyd | Contributor
NFL offensive lineman Richie Incognito is currently a free agent, and after his tweet rampage Monday, he could stay that way for a while.
Incognito called Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer a “f***ing liar” after Zimmer said that they had not had any interest in the offensive lineman. Incognito told TMZ that he had interest from Seattle and Minnesota, but Zimmer denied any such reports.
“I’m mulling all options right now. I’m not sure,” Incognito said. “I’m just enjoying the offseason right now. I’m a free agent and that’s it. I’ve had calls from Minnesota, Seattle. I really just don’t want to go to training camp, so we’ll see.”
Zimmer was then asked by the media about how the Vikings had supposedly expressed interest in Incognito. He said, “No interest and totally false. Tweet that.”

Incognito then tweeted Monday afternoon, “Mike Zimmer is a F***ING LIAR!!” after Zimmer’s press conference.

He later apologized for his original Zimmer tweet, pinning the outburst on the loss of former Vikings offensive line coach Tony Sparano, who tragically died a few weeks ago: “I would also like to apologize to Coach Mike Zimmer. My bad dude! Tony was a father figure to me. Still dealing with his loss.”

Incognito even said that he has been off lately on his Twitter after these tweets.

Incognito has had a bizarre offseason. First, he refused to take a pay cut from the Bills, which caused Incognito to retire from football. Just a few weeks later, Incognito said he wanted to make a NFL comeback and play again. He forced the Bills to release him so he could play somewhere else. Then, he fired his agent via Twitter, in one of the most bizarre Twitter displays ever. Incognito later got in a fight with a man at a gym in California, which led to him being placed on a psychiatric hold.

Incognito may have had this idea after he had talked to former Vikings offensive line coach Tony Sparano. Sparano tragically died a few weeks ago and had been in direct contact according to Incognito’s Twitter. Incognito posted tweets of their text conversations and said that the two of them talked weekly after his release from the Bills. The tweets of their conversations have since been deleted.

It is pretty safe to say Incognito is not going to be joining the Vikings anytime soon. This was not as bad of a look as the Jonathan Martin situation, but it is right up there.

Showing tweets of a deceased coach just to prove a point is a pretty bad move. Teams will have to look long and hard at Incognito after this type of outburst, and really evaluate if it is worth having that type of personality in the locker room.

William Boyd



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