NCAA Faces Major Backlash After New Rules For Players

William Boyd | Contributor

The NCAA is receiving heavy backlash from the NBA and USA basketball after their new rule concerning NCAA basketball players, according to ESPN.

The NCAA established a rule saying high school athletes can get agents if they are determined by USA basketball to be “elite” prospects. The one problem with the rule: the NCAA did not discuss it with USA basketball. USA Basketball wants the NBA to make those decisions since they already do so with the draft process.

ESPN says that officials in the NBA and USAB were shocked by the news that USAB would be picking the agents for the high school players. USAB has said that they do not want the responsibility of picking those agents and that the NBA should have that responsibility.

The timing was bizarre, too, because the NBA had been discussing taking away the one-and-done rule, which directly affects the new NCAA rules of high schoolers getting agents.

USA basketball does not normally evaluate talent at that age, and instead focuses on college athletes, but they do not have the resources to work with high school students. The NBA also already oversees college athletes getting agents. With high schoolers potentially being able to go into the draft, it would be a natural transition for the NBA to oversee that part.

The NBA and USAB believed that they had not reached a consensus when they met with the NCAA. They had talked, but nothing was allegedly agreed upon.

NBA spokesperson Tim Frank told the media, “We will review the NCAA’s planned reforms and continue to assess, along with our players’ association, the potential for any related NBA rules changes.”

Kentucky head coach John Calipari told the media that this new rule is dependent on how the NBA and NBAPA respond to the rule.

“None of this goes into effect until the NBA and the players’ association come up with something, and I’m hearing it won’t be until 2022 so we’re probably wasting our breath dealing with the ins and outs of this.”

He even talked with USA basketball CEO of USA basketball, Jim Tooley. According to Calipari, Tooley said, “Wait a minute. We deal with one of the one-percenters. We don’t deal with foreign players. We’re not in a position to try to say who gets an agent and who does not.”

With how much uncertainty is coming from this rule, it is safe to say that the new rule will not go into effect for a while, and this could be a struggle for everyone involved with professional basketball.

William Boyd



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