The Latest ‘Yellowstone’ Episode Was Extremely Dark [SPOILERS]

David Hookstead | Reporter

The latest episode of “Yellowstone” was absolutely incredible.


There were three main parts of the  seventh episode that I’m going to break down. First off, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has some serious health issues going on, and there was a scene of him coughing up blood. We know he’s battled cancer before. It looks like he’s getting it again, and that means the family might be in some serious trouble. That was the bad news for Dutton in the episode. The good news is he had one of the greatest lines in entertainment history, and I honestly thought my dad was speaking when he delivered the line, “This is America. We don’t share land here.” I’m not sure I’ve ever agreed with anything more in my life. That’s the mindset people should have, and as somebody who used to live in Montana, I can tell you for a fact that’s the mindset of many people out there.

Secondly, Ripp had one of the darkest scenes in the history of the show. He stumbled across two stranded Asian tourists hanging from the edge of a cliff. He attempted to save them both, but the woman slips, falls and dies. What happened next was horrific. The man just threw himself off the cliff and committed suicide. I did not see that coming at all, and was honestly shook up. (RELATED: KEVIN COSTNER’S NEW SHOW ‘YELLOWSTONE’ IS MUST-WATCH TELEVISION)

Finally, Monica survived her head injury from getting jacked in the face by a student, but it didn’t go smoothly. It looks like she’s going to have some serious memory issues, and it seemed like she was going to forget who Kayce was. It was heartbreaking watching them in the hospital together. It’s such a dark plot twist that it’s actually a little unsettling.

Their love perseveres. @kelseyasbille #LukeGrimes #Yellowstone

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As always, it was another great episode. Now, we only have two more left. I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

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