Donald Trump Posts Outstanding Tweet About The PGA Championship Winner

David Hookstead | Reporter

President Donald Trump seemed very happy for Brooks Koepka in a Monday tweet.

Koepka held off Tiger Woods to lock up the PGA Championship Sunday afternoon. Trump tweeted today, “Brooks Koepka just won his third Golf Major, and he did it not only with his powerful game but with his powerful mind. He has been a man of steel on the Tour and will have many Victories, including Majors, ahead of him. Congrats to Brooks and his great team on a job well done!” (RELATED: PRESIDENT TRUMP REVEALS IF HE’LL INVITE THE CAPITALS TO VISIT THE WHITE HOUSE)

I love how we have a president who tweets about random sporting events. It’s so entertaining and fun to see. Sports are simply part of the backbone of America. That’s a fact.

We just need Trump to start tweeting about every sporting event that’s a big deal. I need Trump’s takes on March Madness like I need air in my lungs. I need it!

Could you imagine him tweeting about Coach K. and Duke? The incredible mental toughness of the Wisconsin Badgers would be appearing on his timeline all the time.

Also, major props to Trump for ignoring all the Tiger Woods mania and actually focusing on the winner. Tiger isn’t back until he actually wins something. Nobody congratulates the teams that almost win the Super Bowl. This is America. We celebrate winning. We don’t cheer for people who almost accomplish things.

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