NFL Star Suspended For Laughable Reason. Here’s What He Did

David Hookstead | Reporter

Jacksonville Jaguars star defensive back Jalen Ramsey got himself suspended for an upcoming preseason game because he was mean to the media.

An altercation broke out between Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue at the end of a practice over the weekend. According to ESPN, Ramsey shouted at the media to “stop recording that sh*t, man!” Apparently, that was enough to get himself suspended for the upcoming preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. (RELATED: MATTHEW STAFFORD’S 2017 HIGHLIGHTS ARE PRETTY MUCH STRAIGHT UP FOOTBALL PORN)

In all seriousness, this sounds like a nice vacation for Ramsey. First off, who cares if he yelled at people to stop recording? Is that the standard we’re going with now? That’s the most minor stuff I’ve ever heard of. Players get emotional, and I absolutely understand why he wouldn’t want a fight getting filmed.

Secondly, it’s pretty damn funny that Ramsey got himself suspended from a preseason game. The preseason is pretty dumb, and it’s a great way for players to hurt themselves. If yelling at the media means I wouldn’t have to play in the preseason, I’d be yelling at them nonstop. I’d do just about anything to not step on the field during the preseason. Now, the Jags players know all they have to do is be rude to some reporters, and they don’t have to worry about tearing an ACL anymore.

I hope Ramsey just kicks his feet up for the next week and relaxes. Props to him for standing up for his teammates and figuring out a way to not playing in meaningless games. It really does seem like he came out a winner in this situation.

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