NFL Star Goes On Epic Rant Against A Bunch Of Quarterbacks. Here’s What He Said

David Hookstead | Reporter

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey went on an epic rant with his thoughts on quarterbacks in the NFL during a recent GQ profile.

Ramsey told GQ:

I think [Buffalo Bills draft pick Josh] Allen is trash. I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash. And it’s gonna show, too. That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell … I think Tyrod Taylor is actually a better quarterback than he gets credit for, because he does not make mistakes … Dak Prescott, he’s good. He’s alright. He’s okay. I’ll put it that way … I think Matt Ryan’s overrated. You can’t tell me you win MVP two years ago, and then last year, you a complete bust, and you still got Julio Jones? There’s no way that should ever happen.

Well, you simply have to give Ramsey his props. The dude has never had a history of holding back, and I’m glad to see that hasn’t changed one bit. You have to be borderline insane to give opponents this much ammunition to put in their back pockets and prepare with all season. (RELATED: WATCHING JALEN RAMSEY TRASH TALK A.J. GREEN TO THE MEDIA IS FOOTBALL GOLD)

You just have to love Ramsey’s confidence. You have to have balls of steel to pop off like this. He went off on half the damn quarterbacks that take the field in this league.

Plenty of people encourage players to not be this open with their feelings, but I’m glad Ramsey was. It’s way more entertaining than just bottling stuff up, or talking after a game. (RELATED: NFL STAR SUSPENDED FOR LAUGHABLE REASON. HERE’S WHAT HE DID)

It’s the preseason, and he’s lighting up the internet already. That’s the type of playmaker I want to see. I want the guy who goes directly after a top draft pick. Welcome to the NFL, Josh! You’re out of your mind if you think Ramsey is going to give you an easy go of it.

The only part I’m disappointed is that Ramsey didn’t talk about his thoughts on Ramsey. Is he elite? Does he think Stafford sucks? I need to know!

Anyway, Ramsey just makes Jaguars football must-watch content. I bet the guys running their TV deals are happy about that.

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