NHL Legend Sues Over Brain Injuries. The League Might Be In Big Trouble

David Hookstead | Reporter

NHL legend Bryan Berard has filed a lawsuit against the NHL for brain injuries he got during his playing career.

TMZ reported the following details on the lawsuit:

The lawsuit is similar to the ones pro football players filed against the NFL — essentially saying the NHL concealed the risks of traumatic brain injuries resulting from pro hockey and failing to take adequate steps to protect the players.

In his suit, Berard says he sustained “repetitive brain injuries” during his career and now has serious medical problems as a result.

Berard says the NHL had a duty to “cease their patent glorification of, and profiting from, fist-fighting and violence in the league”

He adds, “The time has come for the NHL to not only care for those former players on whose backs and brains the League reaped billions of dollars, but also finally to put long-term player safety over profit.”

The NFL has been in the news a lot for CTE, but those of us paying attention have known for a long time that the NHL wouldn’t skate by without an issue. There have been several issues with the league.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love the NFL and the NHL. Hockey and football are both incredible sports. I’m not saying we need to change the sports, but I am saying there are problems. (RELATED: COLLEGE QUARTERBACK WHO KILLED HIMSELF HAD CTE [VIDEO])

For example, three players killed themselves in a four-month span back in 2011, and more deaths have followed. That’s a pretty serious situation, but it doesn’t get the same level of attention as the NFL because it’s not as popular of a league.

But that doesn’t mean NHL players and hockey players at all levels don’t suffer serious injuries. One of the scariest hits I’ve ever seen came in an AHL game on Blake Geoffrion.

According to the TMZ report, the former first overall pick and Islanders star is suing for an unknown amount. You can bet that the NHL will continue to face these problems just like the NFL has. This situation won’t be ending anytime soon.

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