NFL Star Is Facing Jail Time. Here’s The Reason Why

David Hookstead | Reporter

Cleveland Browns star receiver Josh Gordon is facing jail time over unpaid child support.

Gordon was ordered to pay $6,765 a month beginning at the start of August, but he won’t get his first NFL paycheck until early September, according to TMZ.

That’s a pretty big problem for Gordon because he could get a month in jail for his first missed child support payment, which happened over two weeks ago. A second missed payment will result in two months in jail, and a third missed payment will result in three months.

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I feel like the Browns just need to give him a pay advance if it means keeping him out of jail. What’s a few thousand dollars to an NFL franchise? It means absolutely nothing to them. They wouldn’t even notice that it was missing.

Yes, I can understand why they wouldn’t want to set that precedent, but they need to do everything in their power to keep Gordon on the field. It’s going to be pretty hard to win football games if he’s serving jail time during the season. (RELATED: JOSH GORDON INKS NEW DEAL WITH THE CLEVELAND BROWNS)

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Also, shouldn’t the judge have figured out when Gordon would be getting paid and set up the timeline from there? I’m no expert, but that just seems like common sense.

Gordon has come a long way since all his suspension for a variety of substance abuse issues, and he’s back to playing football. Hopefully, he avoids having that situation getting derailed over child support.

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