Hillary Clinton Is Set To Appear In This Hit Television Show

Jena Greene | Reporter

Hillary Clinton is set to appear in CBS’s hit drama “Madam Secretary” later this fall.

It’s not clear how many scenes the former presidential candidate is slotted to appear in but Page Six reports the show has been filming with former high-ranking government officials, including Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright.

And one veteran cast member reportedly begged the show’s star, Tea Leoni, to write him into a scene with Clinton.

“A spy overheard Bergen say — at an event at Tuscany Steakhouse for his other gig, ‘Waitress,’ which he just took his final bow for — that he called Leoni and said he wanted to be in it, ‘even if he was serving water,'” Page Six reports.

Bergen apparently got his wish and was written into the scene but it’s not clear how minor his role is. The episode will air sometime during the fifth season in October.

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Jena Greene



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