Ohio State President Has An Interesting Update On The Investigation. Should Fans Be Worried?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ohio State president Michael Drake updated fans on the investigation of the football team Friday, and his comments might have some people nervous.

According to Brett McMurphy, Drake appeared on WOSU Public Media and was asked if athletic director Gene Smith was also under investigation. He refused to give a firm answer, and instead stated, “I don’t know all the questions they’re asking or what they’re going about. I’m waiting until they come forward and then we’ll try to use that information the best way we can.” (RELATED: A BOMBSHELL REPORT HAS DROPPED ABOUT OHIO STATE. IT COULD BE A MAJOR PROBLEM FOR URBAN MEYER)

I’m not an expert, but I’m sure Drake’s inability to just flat-out state that Smith isn’t under investigation is going to cause some concern.

This whole Ohio State situation is just downright insane. Urban Meyer is currently on paid administrative leave as we wait for the results of the investigation into his handling of domestic abuse allegations, the AD might be under investigation, Zach Smith has been fired and Tom Herman has been accused of tipping off Brett McMurphy for the report that started this whole thing. It truly is stranger than fiction. (RELATED: OHIO STATE PUTS HEAD FOOTBALL COACH ON LEAVE AFTER DOMESTIC ABUSE SCANDAL. HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW)

I have no idea how this will all end, but I still don’t think Urban Meyer is getting canned. My gut feeling is that OSU would already have done it if that was their intentions. There’d be no point in wasting any time. As I’ve said before, I become more certain he’s keeping his job with every day that goes by, but anything is possible. Keep checking back to The Smoke Room for more updates on the situation.

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