One Movie Continues To Dominate The Box Office. It’s Raking In Cash

David Hookstead | Reporter

“The Meg” has continued to absolutely dominate the box office, and it’s putting up huge numbers.

The Hollywood Reporter recently reported:

On Wednesday, Warner Bros.’The Meg‘ swam past the $200 million buoy at the global box office to become the No. 3 shark pic of all time behind Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws and 2004’s animated Shark Tale, not adjusted for inflation.

The Meg, directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Jason Statham, has taken a far bigger bite out of the box office than anyone anticipated.

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I’m not surprised at this point that “The Meg” is putting up very impressive numbers. I feel like it’s getting some great word of mouth promotion.

Hell, I talked about this movie for a solid two weeks before it opened, and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. How could I be? It’s an hour and a half of Jason Statham and his team trying to kill a megalodon. That’s the definition of a summer blockbuster. (RELATED: WATCH THE LATEST TRAILER FOR JASON STATHAM’S SHARK THRILLER ‘THE MEG’)

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Here’s all I say to everybody out there who might be on the fence about whether they want to spend the money to get a ticket or wait for it to be streamable: Spend the money. The special effects are crazy, and you need to experience it on the big screen. There are very few movies I’ll actually ever say that about, and “The Meg” is one of them.

I have a feeling it’s also bound for another big weekend. The more people that spread the world, the more this movie will continue to crush it.

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