The Latest ‘Yellowstone’ Episode Was One Of The Darkest Yet, And Incredibly Bloody [SPOILERS]

David Hookstead | Reporter

I finally cranked out the latest episode of the hit Paramount Network show “Yellowstone,” and it was one of the darkest episodes we’ve had yet.


There are three major points on I want to touch on from this episode. The first is that the majority of the show focused on Rip and how he became the man he is today. The opening scene was nothing short of shocking as we see him in a flashback of his father massacring his family. Rip kills his father and goes on the run, which resulted in John Dutton (Kevin Costner) finding him in a hay barn. It was one of the most graphic and uncomfortable scenes we’ve ever gotten from the show.

In the present time, Rip is doing his best to explain away the Grizzly he killed. In the process, he’s forced to save the life of a Fish & Game warden, who was there to investigate the death of the beer and the death of two tourists. I’ve always liked Rip, and now we know why he is the way that he is. He had to watch his whole family die, he killed his own father but there’s no doubt he’s a good guy at heart. He’s the type of guy you want on the line with you in a gunfight. (RELATED: THE LATEST ‘YELLOWSTONE’ EPISODE WAS EXTREMELY DARK [SPOILERS])

The second point to touch on is that Jamie and John finally had it out, and the head of the Dutton family wants Jamie to stop running for attorney general. They didn’t just have it out. John put a licking on Jamie. The question now is if Jamie will defy his father’s orders or if he will return to the family. Something gives me the sense that it will be the former.

Finally, Monica and Kayce appear to be done because she views John as a threat to her son. In all fairness, the more we learn about John, this doesn’t seem like too hot of a take. Kayce also opened up about having to shoot her brother. I think it’s safe to say these two are going to be on ice for a substantial amount of time. (RELATED: ‘YELLOWSTONE’ SHOCKS FANS IN LATEST EPISODE [SPOILERS])

Unfortunately, the bad news didn’t end there for Kayce. He beat the living daylights out of a guy at a gas station who pulled a knife on him. Was it justified? Probably, but there’s no question he went overboard. It’s just another example of Kayce causing massive problems.

As always, we got another incredible episode, and we’ve got one left. I can’t wait for next week. It’s going to be awesome.

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