NFL Star Announces His Highly Anticipated Return. Will It Help His Team Win?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Josh Gordon is back on the field after a brief leave from the Cleveland Browns.

Gordon took a break from the team back in July for unspecified reasons but stated he was “doing great physically and mentally” when he left. (RELATED: NFL STAR JOSH GORDON IS TAKING A BREAK FROM THE BROWNS. IT’S A VERY MURKY SITUATION)

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Obviously, with Gordon as one of the Browns’ best players, people quickly began to wonder when he would return to the field. Well, the time for wondering is over because Gordon announced over the weekend that he is back.

“Thank you for your love, support, and most importantly your patience as I took the time needed to ensure my overall mental and physical health,” the electric receiver stated in part when he announced that he was back to play some ball.

I’m glad to see that Gordon is back. He’s one of the most talented receivers in the game, and he’s far too good to be outside of football. Now, the only question is whether he can help the Browns win football games. I have a strong sense that the answer to that question is an overwhelming yes.

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