Baker Mayfield’s Latest Move Is Mind-Boggling. What Is He Thinking?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Baker Mayfield has once again proved that he doesn’t appear focused on only football.

Mayfield, who was the first overall selection by the Cleveland Browns, announced Tuesday that he signed an endorsement deal with PSD Underwear.

What the hell is Mayfield doing these days? Seriously, what is Mayfield thinking? Many times, I have accused the former Oklahoma star of not being focused on the main prize, which is winning football games. I’ve been thoroughly ripped for it. (RELATED: BAKER MAYFIELD PROVES HE’S GOT SOME PIPES. BELTS OUT ‘COUNTRY ROADS’ [VIDEO])

Yet, here we are and we’re talking about Mayfield signing underwear endorsement deals. Does that sound like focus to you? It sure doesn’t sound like focus to me.

You know what he needs to be doing? He needs to be spending at least 16 hours a day focused on football. The other eight hours can be used for eating and sleeping. There should be absolutely no other options on the table. (RELATED: BAKER MAYFIELD GETS ENGAGED. SHOULD THE CLEVELAND BROWNS BE CONCERNED?)

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I go back and forth on whether or not Mayfield is going to be a stud, and right now I’m leaning towards no. Last time I checked, endorsement deals don’t result in throwing more touchdown passes.

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