Several College Football Legends Are Starring In An Awesome New Ad Campaign [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Dr. Pepper has a new ad campaign for the college football season, and it’s awesome.

College football legends Les Miles, Brian Bosworth and Eddie George all make appearances in the new trailer, which is based on the fictional city of Fansville. (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)

Watch the campaign below. College football fans will love it.

Am I crazy if I say that I want Fansville to be a real place, I want Bosworth to be the sheriff and Miles as the local friendly gas station guy? A small town dedicated to just college football? Sign me the hell up immediately.

I would move there in a heartbeat and not even hesitate to think about it. Literally, I would already have a U-Haul loaded up on the road if this place was real.

Also, you have to respect Dr. Pepper’s commercial game. First, they had Larry Culpepper, and now we get Fansville. Nobody — and I mean nobody — can beat them right now when it comes to making awesome college football ad campaigns.

I can’t wait to see where Fansville takes us this year. I have no doubt that it’ll be highly entertaining.

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