Woman Spends $6.5 Million On A Wedding. The Reason Why Is Absurd

Jena Greene | Reporter

The granddaughter of wealthy Russian businessman Valery Kogan threw an extravagant, multi-million dollar wedding just to upset her ex-boyfriend.

Irene Belenova, 18, married Daniel Kenvey, also 18, in a luxe wedding that cost around $6.5 million, including headline performers like Elton John and Mariah Carey in January 2017. The wedding was the talk of Russian high society and videos of the reception went viral online. (RELATED: HERE’S WHY PRINCE HARRY’S MODEL COUSIN WASN’T INVITED TO HIS WEDDING [PHOTOS])

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But it turns out the entire thing was a plot to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

“I only got married to p*ss of my ex-boyfriend, who I’m now back with,” Belenova recently admitted on Instagram. “Everything works out well.”

Uhhh … does it? I’m pretty sure if this chick had to spend almost $7 million to get back with her ex, it didn’t work out so well. I’m sure her parents would agree.

Here’s a little hint for all the ladies out there: guys are great. They’re fun and some of them are special enough to treat you to a swanky dinner every now and then. But no guy is worth marrying another guy for. That’s some off-the-deep-end kind of stuff.

If you find yourself spending more than a few arcade tokens covered in laundry lint from 2013 on a man, it’s time to move on. Mariah Carey is great, but I’m pretty sure even when you live in Russia you don’t have to get married to see her. Front row tickets are far less complicated.

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