Jaguars All-Pro Jalen Ramsey Says He Could Make The NHL

Jena Greene | Reporter

Jalen Ramsey isn’t done shocking the sports world with bombshell interviews.

Just two weeks after the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback gave a scathing interview with GQ — when he nearly trashed everybody in the NFL except for Odell Beckham Jr. — he’s back at it again. (RELATED: ELI MANNING REACTS TO CRITICISM WITH LAUGHABLE COMMENT)

In an NFL preview issue for ESPN The Magazine, Ramsey got a variety of things off his chest to ESPN’s Mina Kimes, including his thoughts about Rob Gronkowski not being that great, Danny Amendola being “terrible,” and the NHL not being that hard to “crack.”

On Gronk:

When I mention that the Patriots still have All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski, he makes a face. “I don’t think Gronk’s good.” Registering my involuntary blinking, he course-corrects. “Let me say — I don’t think Gronk is as great as people think he is.”

…I ask him what Gronk did in the AFC championship. “Literally nothing. He may have had, like, one catch,” he says.

On Danny Amendola and his trade to Miami:

For example, he says, look at Danny Amendola, who just signed with Miami. “Or is it Edelman?” he asks out loud. He mulls it over. No — he’s thinking of Amendola. “He just got a brand-new contract and he is terrible,” he says. “People think he’s so great. No, he’s not. Tom [Brady] made him look good. Tom could take me as a receiver and I’d be a first-team All-Pro.”

And on making the NHL (yes, you read that right):

He picked up lacrosse for a season and, once he figured out how to handle the stick, ran circles around the competition. (“There’s not a lot of black people who do it,” he says, smiling.) He’s never tried skating, but if he trained for six months, he says, he could probably crack the NHL.

I’ve never played in the NHL before, but I’m pretty sure it’s not that easy to make. Plenty of athletes try to hack two pro sports (most recently, Tim Tebow), and it turns out to be WAY harder than they first suspected.

Could Jalen Ramsey be a decent hockey player? I’m sure. He’s aggressive, insanely athletic, and he can take and give a hit. But that doesn’t make you an NHL player. Especially if you’ve never skated before.

If I’m Jags coach Doug Marrone, I’d be begging Jalen to give up the bombastic interviews, at least during the season. Sure, they’re great entertainment and they give reporters content on a silver platter but they’re nothing but divisive distractions in the locker room.

My ears and DMs are open.

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