California Football Team Cancels Entire Season After Losing Twice

Jena Greene | Reporter

A football team in California is cancelling the upcoming season after losing its first two games.

The Healdsburg High School Greyhounds went 0–2 at the start of the season with a combined score of 102–0, the Press Democrat reports.

Healdsburg High School, located in Sonoma County, California, with about 640 students, started atrophying athletic interest after only one game. Five players quit after just the first loss and one more left after the second. Only 12 remained as of last week.

“We have some work to do. We have to figure out what to do with Homecoming. It’s not simple,” Healdsburg’s Principal Bill Halliday said. “That is our task right now — to not lose Friday night lights, but to tweak it a little bit.”

It’s worth mentioning that the JV squad still has 30 kids on the roster.

Which brings me to my central point: This isn’t a question of winning or losing. It’s not a question of ‘parental concern’ over football being a violent sport. It’s about a school in California being filled with a bunch of babies.

I knew this generation was soft, but I didn’t think it was so soft that two losses were enough to make kids hang up the pads and call an entire season off.

Do you know what they said about the Philadelphia Phillies before the start of last NFL season? Or about the Boston Red Sox before they won the 2004 World Series? If sports references aren’t your thing, do you remember what the British thought about America before we started dominating them in the Revolutionary War?

Our Founding Fathers did not establish America so that a bunch of weenies could sit on their thumbs and cry about two losses. They would be so ashamed of this high school that they’d probably hop on the first charter back to Europe and call off the whole Declaration Of Independence thing.

We didn’t develop the atom bomb, the F-16, the pickup truck, or the entire Friday Night Lights series to watch a bunch of kids give up after losing two games.

Either these kids pack up and leave the country or I will. This place ain’t big enough for that kind of losing spirit.

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Jena Greene



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