Many People Are Upset About Nick Foles Starting In Week 1. Here’s Why They’re Wrong

Jena Greene | Reporter
After much speculation, the Philadelphia Eagles finally announced their decision to start Nick Foles over Carson Wentz in their first game against the Falcons Thursday — but not everybody’s happy.
Head coach Doug Pederson told the media Monday that Foles’ start was in the team’s “best interest.”

Not that anybody needs a refresher, but let’s go over it anyway. Despite him being completely doubted by everyone until about the last 60 seconds of the Super Bowl, Nick Foles is an insanely talented quarterback. He threw for 373 yards in the Super Bowl, pretty much branded the Philly special, and was named Super Bowl MVP — all in the same night.

But with great success comes a lot of haters, and that’s just what all the trolls on Twitter did during their long weekend.

People are entitled to their (wrong) opinions about how Nick Foles is only good during crunch-time moments, and that the Super Bowl was a one-time thing. But allow me to remind everybody: Nick Foles has the same amount of rings as Aaron Rodgers. As Russell Wilson. As Joe Flacco. And as Drew Brees. And Foles had only really been playing since week 10 of the regular season last year.

So the haters can keep spewing garbage about how Foles is a one-off guy and he’s just going to disappoint Eagles fans on Thursday.

I’ll just leave this right here.

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Jena Greene



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