Colin Kaepernick Could Learn Something From The Great Example Set By Johnny Manziel

David Hookstead | Reporter

Colin Kaepernick could learn a thing or two from Johnny Manziel when it comes to getting back into professional football.

Kaepernick just scored a new Nike deal because he apparently sacrificed something. What is sacrificed is still a mystery to just about everybody. Here’s what’s not a mystery. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback will never play in the NFL again if he doesn’t learn a lesson or two from Johnny Manziel.

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Johnny Football had one of the worst falls from grace that we’ve ever seen in sports history. His off-the-field problems saw him bounced out of the NFL after two short years. However, he still wanted to play some ball.

Did he start a social justice campaign? Did he start an absurd Nike campaign? Did he focus more on being a celebrity than a pro quarterback? The answer to all of those questions is no.

He got to work, got back in shape, worked on his game and went north of the border to prove in the CFL that he still has something left in the tank. He was willing to not make a bunch of money in Canada to get some reps. Manziel is actually doing what’s necessary in order to prove that he’s on track and still wants to play football. That’s something to be commended. (RELATED: NIKE MAKES MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT COLIN KAEPERNICK. NFL FANS WON’T BE HAPPY)

Has Kaepernick done any of that? Of course, he hasn’t. Kaepernick should swallow his pride and focus on playing football instead of this dumb advertising campaign.

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt

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If Manziel, a Heisman winning quarterback, is willing to hack it in Canada to prove he can still play, then why wouldn’t Kaepernick? The answer is that he doesn’t appear to give a damn about playing football anymore.

Maybe he knows his time under center has come and gone. All I know is that he might actually get back into the league if he was willing to prove himself in the CFL like Johnny Football.

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