Demi Lovato Is Selling The House She Overdosed In. Here’s How Much It Costs

Jena Greene | Reporter

Superstar singer and former Disney star Demi Lovato is putting the Hollywood Hills home she overdosed in for sale.

Lovato, 25, almost died of an overdose on an unknown substance in July after a night of hard partying. Lovato had just revealed she relapsed from her sobriety weeks prior. (RELATED: DEMI LOVATO RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL FOR POSSIBLE HEROIN OVERDOSE)

And after a longer-than-expected stay in the hospital following her overdose, Demi has reportedly decided to give up the home for good. (RELATED: DEMI LOVATO REPORTEDLY SUFFERING ‘COMPLICATIONS’ FOLLOWING OVERDOSE)

The “Heart Attack” singer purchased the 5,546-square-foot mega-property in 2016 for $8.3 million. It’s unclear if she put any work into it but is now asking $9.5 million for it. The mansion comes complete with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a spa and infinity pool, floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every room and what’s being described as a “huge sky lounge terrace” with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

Some experts are concerned that Demi’s overdose may taint the sale of the house.

Ashley Shahid, an expert in the mortgage and real estate industry tells Page Six, “Demi’s incident taints the home — it will always be the ‘house that Demi Lovato almost died in.'”

But while it may scare away initial interest, Shahid isn’t worried it won’t sell.

“Demi will more than likely get the asking price, if not more. I believe that someone will want to buy it for the location of the home and its characteristics. Her superstar persona also inevitably elevates the home’s value, even if something tragic happened there.”

There’s no denying it’s a gorgeous house. You can check out a full tour below:

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