Here’s What Will Happen To Kevin Spacey’s Character In The Final ‘House Of Cards’ Season

David Hookstead | Reporter

Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood will apparently die in the final season of the hit Netflix show “House of Cards.”

Netflix released a short preview for the sixth season, and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) can be seen talking to the Frank’s gravestone with the date of death being in 2017.

Spacey was tossed from the show after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, and many of us wondered what type of fate his character would meet. We obviously don’t know how Frank is going to die. My guess is some kind of suicide or assassination. “House of Cards” likes to go big, and it doesn’t get much bigger than those two options. (RELATED: ‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ STAR SAYS KEVIN SPACEY DESERVES ANOTHER CHANCE)

There was also an Instagram post from the show’s account of Claire with the caption, “The dead sleep with their eyes open. They’re watching you from the past.”

“The dead sleep with their eyes open. They’re watching you from the past.”

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It seems like all the chips are in place for Frank Underwood’s death. Tune in November 2 to find out what happens.

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