An Unexpected Person Developed Mike Leach And Washington State’s Insane Football Play [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Washington State Cougars and Mike Leach busted out one of the craziest plays we’ve ever seen this past weekend, and now we know where it came from.

Leach had the entire line get in formation to the left of the ball, and then had a wide receiver snap the ball at an angle to a guy behind the line. Does that sound confusing? Don’t worry. It’s incredibly hard to follow, even on video.

Leach recently tweeted that the play was called “Big Gulp,” and had been developed with the help of a Microsoft engineer. (RELATED: COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH RIPS SPORTS REPORTER AFTER CRITICISM. SOUNDS JUST LIKE TRUMP)

Mike Leach is honestly a national treasure. Most teams are just hoping their teams are ready to go for week one, and he’s out here running plays from formations we didn’t even know where possible.

I’ve long said that Leach’s talents are wasting away at WSU. Sure, it’s a PAC-12 program, but it doesn’t get the same level of attention as a big Power Five school

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I’ve never believed that more than now with him running these insane plays. Washington State football looks like it’s must watch television, and I’m here for every second of it.

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