Former Steelers Star Tears Into Mike Tomlin: ‘Not My Kind Of Coach’

Jena Greene | Reporter

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw isn’t mincing words when it comes to his feelings about Mike Tomlin.

The four-time Super Bowl champion famously called the Steelers head coach a “great cheerleader guy” (but not a great coach) back in 2016, and now he’s backing up those claims. (RELATED: TERRY BRADSHAW HAS A HOT TAKE ON KAEPERNICK’S ‘CITIZEN OF THE YEAR’ AWARD)

And in a radio interview with 97.3 The Fan this week, Bradshaw doubled down.

“I played for a tough sucker, and I was afraid of him, and we played our asses off for him because we feared him,” he explained. “I don’t see that with this guy. He’s chest bumping and all that. I’m the head of the corporation; I’m the CEO; I’m the chairman of the board; I’m talking to the stockholders, telling them here’s how we’re going to do at the end of the quarter. I’m selling this thing. And I’m not delivering the goods, which is championships. You’ve got to face the criticism. I’m sorry, but he’s not my kind of coach. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.”

He also seemed confused by the close loss against Jaguars in the AFC playoffs last season.

“And to lose at home to Jacksonville, I don’t care how good of a run Jacksonville got on, I don’t care how Jacksonville played New England in the championship game,” he said. “You don’t lose, what? 45-42. Are you kidding me? In a championship game?”

Speculation that Tomlin isn’t exactly standing on solid ground in Pittsburgh swirled last year, despite him leading the team to a respectable 13–3 record last season. But in an interview on “First Take” Tuesday, Tomlin reassured fans that he’s not in trouble, explaining that winning a championship “is always my mentality. That’s normalcy for me.”

This, of course, comes on the tail of considerable Le’Veon Bell drama, where it’s still unknown whether the star running back will play in week one. Asked about the situation, Tomlin simply said he’ll get back to playing “when he gets here.”

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