The Eagles And Falcons Are In An Intense Hype Video Contest. But One Video Shows The Winner

Jena Greene | Reporter

Well boys and girls, we finally made it.

Week 1 of the NFL is here. The first game kicks off at 8:20 p.m. tonight at Lincoln Financial, but the battle of the birds has already begun. (RELATED: ANGRY EAGLES FAN SENDS PLAYER ANGRY LETTER FOR NOT WANTING TO VISIT THE WHITE HOUSE)

The Super Bowl LII champs released their first hype video earlier this week to remind the world who’s on top.

Check it out:

It’s pretty hard to watch that without shedding a tear and getting goosebumps on every square inch of your body. I had to watch this a second time because I mistook it for a DaVinci masterpiece at first. (RELATED: DAVID HOOKSTEAD GOT INTO IT WITH EAGLES’ DE CHRIS LONG THIS WEEK. WHO CAME OUT ON TOP? [VIDEO])

The Falcons responded with their own hype video. But it doesn’t really count because they had to use an old 90s rapper to bring up their relevance.

So, naturally, the Eagles had to remind everyone who was on top by releasing another fire hype video.

I think we’re all well aware who’s going to win Game 1 tonight. But it’s good to see the Falcons are still planning to put up a fight. It’ll just make for better entertainment.

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