Florida State Coach Takes Shot At Virginia Tech After Blowout Loss. He Should Be Ashamed

David Hookstead | Reporter

Florida State football coach Willie Taggart subtly accused Virginia Tech players of faking injuries during their game last Saturday.

“It happened too often, so it’s hard not to,” Taggart responded Wednesday afternoon when asked if he thought Virginia Tech was faking injuries, according to ESPN.


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I don’t like this one bit from Taggart. It just stinks of being a sore loser. The Seminoles lost 24–3. Trust me, nobody faking injuries or not faking being hurt had any real impact on that game. I watched the whole thing. Were there some guys that went down at questionable times? Sure, but that’s not why FSU got spanked all over the field. (RELATEDSEC FANS DON’T LIKE TO USE FACTS WHEN DISCUSSING COLLEGE FOOTBALL)

Florida State lost because Virginia Tech dominated them in all facets of the game. The Hokies rocked them in impressive fashion. Here’s some great advice that Taggart can use going forward. Faking injuries won’t be a concern if you start blowing teams out instead of having to play from behind. Let your opponents fake all the injuries they want when you’re up by 40. (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)


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Taggart and his squad lost by three touchdowns. Take your loss like a man, learn from it and move on. Don’t start talking about whether or not VT faked injuries. It’s just a sad look.

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