Fan Hits Insane Half-Court Shot In The Middle Of A Rap Concert. Here’s How Much Money He Won

Jena Greene | Reporter

A young concert-goer took a half-court shot in the middle of a Drake concert this week and actually managed to make it.

Apparently, Drake’s latest tour has been pretty wild — the guy puts on a full-on performance, his graphics are supposed to be out of control, his songs are downright fire flames bangers, and even Kanye West himself has promised to pop in for a concert. (RELATED: KANYE WEST APOLOGIZES TO FELLOW SUPERSTAR RAPPER. HERE’S THE REASON WHY)

And as if these concerts weren’t enough of a performance, Drake reportedly hosts a free throw contest in the middle of the show — just to keep the fans on their feet. (RELATED: DRAKE FINALLY COMES CLEAN ABOUT HAVING A SECRET LOVE CHILD WITH A PORN STAR)

The craziest part of all? One very accurate concert-goer actually made a shot this week.

Check out the video below:

Can you imagine what this guy felt like after he made it? The sound of the crowd alone is enough to make you carry a basketball around for the rest of your life in the hopes you get asked to make another half-court shot. And the $25K on top? Well, that’d probably be enough to give me a coronary. Especially with all those flashing strobe lights. I’m way too old for that stuff.

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Jena Greene



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