HBO Makes Major Announcement About One Of Its Most Popular Shows. Fans Will Be Very Happy

David Hookstead | Reporter

HBO renewed “Ballers” for a fifth season Thursday.

The Hollywood Reporter announced the news, and I’m sure fans everywhere will be extremely happy.


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I don’t know what to tell anybody who doesn’t love this show. It’s extremely entertaining. It’s essentially “Entourage,” but with athletes instead actors. Plus, this has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it as Spencer Strasmore, who tries to navigate the worlds of pro sports and finances. What more could you want? (RELATED: CHECK OUT THE TRAILER FOR THE FOURTH SEASON OF ‘BALLERS’ [VIDEO])


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Was the show a little corny when it first started out? It was. I got the vibe that it was trying way too hard to not take itself seriously. I think most fans who are honest would agree. But it eventually took itself a little more seriously, covered financial issues in a serious light, talked about CTE and problems that athletes face. That’s when the show really hit its stride.

I can’t wait to see what we get for the rest of season four and the new stuff in season five. HBO hasn’t let me down yet, and I doubt they’ll be starting anytime soon.

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