A Lion Climbed Into A Van Full Of Tourists. Let’s See How It Worked Out [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

A lion got up close and personal to a car full of tourists on safari this week — and the whole thing was all caught on video.

It all went down at the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea, when Filya, a 2-year-old lion decided to hail a passing cart filled with tourists and hopped on board. To be fair, the van didn’t have any windows or doors and Filya is reportedly very friendly. (RELATED: A LION FIGHTS A HUMAN. LET’S SEE WHO WON)

Still, Oleg Zubkov, the driver of the vehicle, park owner, and so-called “lion whisperer” allowed him to climb on board to give everyone a greeting. Most everyone looks pretty afraid of the beast at first but they eventually calm down and somehow come to terms with the fact that there’s a lion within inches from their faces?

You can watch the insane video below:

I’ve always been fascinated by safaris and animals we’ll never see here in the D.C. marshes. I’d like to see a few rhinos, hippos, and lions at some point in my life. But I would also like to live to tell the story. And it seems like these people just pretty much got lucky that the lion wanted to cuddle that day. What if he was hungry? Or what if one of these ladies was wearing a perfume that reminded him of his ex? Now that would be a different story. And that’s not a gamble I’d be willing to take.

Safari vehicles with doors all the way for me.

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Jena Greene



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