Matthew Stafford Gets Shown Massive Disrespect By People In The NFL. Here’s What Happened

David Hookstead | Reporter

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was shown an absurd amount of disrespect in a recent poll.

Albert Breer polled 32 different top people in the NFL for their prediction of the best five gunslingers by the end of the season, and I couldn’t be more disappointed. He didn’t get one vote! Not a single vote!


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What the hell are these clowns smoking? Not a single vote? Am I dreaming? Have I died and gone to the afterlife? This makes no sense.

Stafford is one of the best players in the NFL. The man has a rocket launcher for a right arm. If you took Stafford off of the Lions, they might not win a single game. That’s not even an exaggeration. They would be atrocious without him. (RELATED: MATTHEW STAFFORD’S 2017 HIGHLIGHTS ARE PRETTY MUCH STRAIGHT UP FOOTBALL PORN)

With him, Detroit can be counted on for eight wins a year minimum. He is the life of that team, and I won’t stand for this kind of disrespect.


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The people in the NFL need to get their stuff figured out because this is ridiculous. It’s either that or they can keep looking over us as Stafford slices them up. I guess that choice is up to them.

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