The NHL Might Make A Major Rule Change About The Stanley Cup, And It’s Absolutely Tragic

David Hookstead | Reporter

NHL players may no longer be allowed to do keg stands with the Stanley Cup.

Keg stands have been in the news with the Stanley Cup because it’s a favorite form of celebration for the Washington Capitals. (RELATED: THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS PARADE WAS AWFUL. THERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR THE ABOMINATION)

But Philip Pritchard, the man responsible for the safety and security of the Cup, doesn’t sound like a huge fan of keg stands. The Washington Post published a lengthy interview with him, and keg stands might soon be a thing of the past when it comes to the Stanley Cup. They wrote the following:

Pritchard repeatedly praised how the Capitals have reverently handled the Cup, but he said he has been “advising” them to quit the Cup stands for fear of damage. Still, there were at least two instances as recently as forward Chandler Stephenson’s day with it Aug. 24 and former assistant coach Lane Lambert’s on Aug. 26.

Before the Capitals even get their names engraved on the Stanley Cup, they might have already made their mark on it, as potentially the first and last team ever to use it for keg stands. Future champions could be prohibited from replicating Washington’s trademark celebration.

Here’s a live look at my reaction to the possibility of keg stands with the Cup being banned:

Last time I checked, my feet were firmly planted in America, and in this country, we celebrate big victories by drinking beer. Did I miss something? Are we no longer living in a free country? We didn’t beat the Nazis so that keg stand with the Stanley Cup could be banned.

You should be allowed to do just about anything you want after winning the Stanley Cup. The reason it’s the greatest trophy in sports is because of the mystique around it and the fact you can drink beer out of it.

I love hockey and I love the Cup, but I’m not going to tolerate any kind of tyranny that stops keg stands. As a freedom loving American, I simply can’t allow it. We must do whatever it takes to preserve the rights of NHL players to do keg stands after winning the greatest trophy in all of sports.

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