Legendary NFL Player Tells Amazing Story Of Cussing Out His General Manager

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee recently told an incredible story about cussing out his general manager Ryan Grigson.

Grigson was apparently mad because the Colts were losing, and their star punter had taken a photo he deemed inappropriate at the Colts facility. You can see the photo below. It’s not even close to being inappropriate.

Grigson decided he wanted to fine McAfee a game check, and that didn’t sit well. The legendary punter said the following on a recent podcast of his about how the events went down, according to the IndyStar:

He pulls out my contract, opens it up, goes to a clause. ‘Since this isn’t your first offense, I can fine you a game check for this. You only get 17 game checks in your entire salary, so if you want to look up what that was, it was $100,000 almost. I said, ‘For what?’ He said, ‘Is that a football room?’ I said, ‘Well the title is an equipment room. There’s footballs in there, I guess.’ He goes, ‘Why do you have to be such a smartass? I can fine you anything I want. This is why we’re losing.’ This is why we lost to the Steelers, he tells me. I said, ‘You paid a guy $140 million and you can’t keep him healthy. Your offensive line is swiss cheese. He’s blown out his shoulder three times, and you’re worried about this (expletive)?’ He goes, ‘What did you just say to me?’ I go, ‘Oh yeah, I’m the best in the game at what I do. I wish you would do the same.” This is a moment he did not expect. He goes, ‘You’re going to walk into my office and disrespect me?’ I go, ‘You called me in here.’ He said, ‘I’m going to fine you a whole game check.’ I said, ‘Cool bro,’ and literally walked out of his office. As I walk out, he gives me the, ‘Get out of my office.’ I go, ‘Already walking out.’

Pat McAfee is a damn legend, and it’s stories like this that are all the proof you’ll ever need. How many guys in the NFL would be willing to look their general manager in the face and tell him he sucks at his job? Not many would ever dare, and McAfee apparently didn’t hold back. That’s what separates him from everybody else.(RELATED: LEGENDARY COLTS PUNTER PAT MCAFEE RIPS GM AFTER HE’S FIRED)

I wouldn’t ever dream of cussing out somebody that controlled my contract unless I knew the game was over. The only way to do it is if you know you’re out the door anyways, which is what it sounds like McAfee did here.

We need more people like McAfee in pro sports. The man is hilarious, he’s a straight shooter, he’s smart and he doesn’t hold back. Hell, the man is out here making jokes about being arrested for being too drunk. How many people would have the stones to do that?

I don’t know what the future holds for the former Colts punter now that he’s bounced from Barstool Sports, but I have a feeling it’ll be awesome. He’s a rare talent and has guts that not many people could ever dream of having. That’s generally a great recipe for success.

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