NHL Legends Respond To NFL Star’s Claim He Could Easily Play Pro Hockey

Jena Greene | Reporter

NHL legends Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney have some choice words for NFL star Jalen Ramsey.

The Jaguars cornerback essentially went on a trash talk tour last month, telling GQ that rookie Josh Allen is “trash,” and Matt Ryan is “overrated,” then telling ESPN’s Mina Kimes that he could make the NHL if he “trained for six months.” (RELATED: JAGUARS ALL-PRO JALEN RAMSEY SAYS HE COULD MAKE THE NHL)


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new story! I wrote about jalen ramsey for our NFL preview issue. love the photos that accompany this piece—link in bio

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Needless to say, his NHL comments triggered some bruisers in the NHL, namely Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney.

“I don’t think this guy could even come close,” Bissonnette said on his Spittin’ Chiclets podcast this week. “I don’t think he could play in the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) and not look out of place.”

“Jalen Ramsey is a moron,” Ryan Whitney said more bluntly. “He’s a sh*t talking d-back. Dude, you know what we did Biz, and what NHL players do is on a 3/16 of an inch? You know the blade on the skate at the bottom?… It’s 3/16 of an inch. That f**king dummy couldn’t even stand on skates and balance. And he’s saying in six months — I bet he couldn’t learn to skate … D-backs are just wide receivers that can’t catch the ball. I’m telling you, this guy is a moron.”

You can watch the whole unhinged, albeit entertaining, rant below:

As much as I agree that Jalen Ramsey couldn’t make the NHL in six months, I think it’s a bad look for hockey guys to let themselves get so triggered over an NFL player trolling them. Of course, Jalen Ramsey couldn’t play pro hockey that easily. He’s trying to get under people’s skin and stay relevant. NHL players are supposed to beat people up and not care about the haters because they know they play one of the most athletic sports on the planet. Taking the bait is just a bad look.

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