The Newest ‘Halloween’ Movie Sounds Like It’s Going To Be Incredible

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Fans of the “Halloween” series can begin to get excited because the latest movie is reportedly very good.

There’s one site I love checking for movie reviews, and it’s IGN. They wrote in part on the latest film:

While no entry in the franchise has surpassed the original film, this Halloween sequel is truly a cut above the rest and a great piece of horror entertainment even for those unfamiliar with the series. Filmmaker David Gordon Green has infused his Halloween with a dark wit and a gleeful self-awareness, and Jamie Lee Curtis brings a fierce conviction and wounded humanity to her iconic scream queen role. The rest of the cast, both major and minor characters, also get their moments to shine, often in truly hilarious ways. The tension is thick, the kills are brutal, the jokes are funny, and the performances are memorable across the board.

I can’t wait to see this movie, and I think that I’ve been very clear on my position. Judging from the trailer, the movie looks outstanding. It has all the vibes of a perfect horror movie. It looks to have the perfect amount of suspense, violence, action, and twists and turns. Watch the trailer below.

You never know how a new film in any saga will do. There are options are all over the table, and the trash bin of film history is full of awful sequels that shouldn’t have happened. (RELATED: THE NEWEST ‘HALLOWEEN’ MOVIE LOOKS LIKE A JOY RIDE OF TERROR)


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However, I don’t think fans have anything to worry about here. The review from IGN, which I trust, is solid. Plus, the trailer looks dope, Jamie Lee Curtis is in the movie and I’m just feeling optimistic. Hopefully, we’re not let down.

We’re desperately in need of a great horror movie and I think “Halloween” will get the job done. You can catch it in theaters October 19.

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