The Big Ten Isn’t Nearly As Great As Some People Want You To Believe

William Davis | Reporter

Coming into the 2018 College football season, the media was salivating over the rejuvenation of Big Ten football. Then, reality set in.

The reality comes in the form of non-conference losses to Duke, Eastern Michigan, and Arizona State, and close calls against Utah State and Appalachian State. Through two weeks, it has become clear that the Big Ten is no juggernaut, but instead much closer to the second-rate league that it has been for the past two decades.

At the top of the league, Ohio State has a very good team and has clearly updated at Quarterback with the departure of long-time starter J.T. Barrett and the emergence of Dwayne Haskins. The Buckeyes are clearly the cream of the crop in the Big Ten, but are unlikely to be able to seriously match-up with Alabama or Clemson in a college football playoff game. (RELATED: SEC Football Appears To Be Back On Top. Critics Don’t Want To Stomach The Facts)


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After Ohio State, there simply isn’t much. Despite what Big Ten fanboy David Hookstead might want you to believe, Wisconsin doesn’t have a passing game, Penn State doesn’t have a running game, and Michigan and Michigan State just quite frankly aren’t very good. Teams like Northwestern, Purdue, and Nebraska that were supposed to be on the rise have all disappointed in non-conference going play. In short, the the Big Ten is a conference of boring, underachieving teams and doesn’t have a team capable of competing in the college football playoff. It’s going to be a long-season for fans of the Big Ten. Three yards and a cloud of dust is back.


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Big Ten fans talk a big game, but the SEC has clearly had better results on the field. In fact, between Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, and Mississippi State, there are arguably four teams in the SEC that would be capable of winning the Big-Ten.  It’s time for the Midwestern media darlings to put up or shut up.


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