ESPN Releases Its Heisman Favorites. Prepare For SEC Fans To Flip Out

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Three players are leading ESPN’s Heisman rankings, and not a single one plays for an SEC squad.

ESPN currently has West Virginia quarterback Will Grier, Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver and Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor as the three players leading the way right now.

Let me take a hard look at that list again. Do I see anybody from the SEC on there? Anywhere at all? Anywhere near the top or bottom? Nope, it looks like there isn’t a single one. What a shame. What an absolute shame. (RELATED: Fans Don’t Like To Use Facts When Discussing Football)

How can the SEC be the greatest conference in football, but not have a single player near the top of the Heisman hunt? Here’s a live look at SEC fans trying to work that logic through their heads.

It just doesn’t make sense, does it? It’s almost like the myth of the SEC actually gets exposed when you look past the surface. It’s pretty weird how that works out, right? I guess facts don’t care about your feelings.

I’ve watched all three of these guys play this year, and all three of them are absolute beasts. Grier might be the best quarterback in America, Oliver is going to be a top NFL pick and Taylor is going to put up disgusting rushing numbers by the time the season is over. (RELATED: The College Football World Should Fear Wisconsin For One Simple Reason)

Now, I could sit here and rub it in that my guy Taylor is on the list. I could point out how I said that all offseason, and nobody listened. I could easily make a big scene and laugh at everybody who told me I had no idea what I was doing. I could point out that he’s leading the country in rushing yards and touchdowns. I’m not going to do that because humble people don’t feel the need to brag. Thank goodness that I’m a mature man.

Hopefully we get a guy from the SEC on this list at some point. You just hate to see such a glorious conference fall so hard and fast.

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