The Second Season Of ‘Ozark’ Is Absolutely Incredible [SPOILERS]

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

I recently wrapped up the second season of “Ozark” on Netflix, and it was outstanding.


It’s not a secret that I love this show, and I waited so long for its return. Ladies and gentlemen, it didn’t disappoint. The entire second season focuses on the Byrdes attempting to get their casino built so that the Mexican cartel doesn’t kill the whole family.


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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Things obviously don’t go according to plan, and the Snells had an awesome role in this season. They make the casino plan on their land way more difficult than necessary, and finally the cartel has had enough. An insane ambush leaves Jacob wounded and Darlene out for blood. I’m not going to spoil what happens to the Snells, but it’s incredible. (RELATED: EVERYBODY SHOULD BE WATCHING NETFLIX’S AWESOME SHOW ‘OZARK’)

Ruth is the low-key star of this season. She already had a huge role in season one but becomes a hell of a power player here. She is not a woman you want to mess with.

One of the best plot points is Ruth’s dad entering the picture. That dude is the definition of a scumbag. Again, I’m not going to spoil the fate he and Ruth meet in the end, but it’s awesome.

The second season was even darker than the first, and I think that’s what fans wanted to see. Nobody tunes into “Ozark” because we’re looking for laughs. We’re here to watch a dark drama. Jason Bateman is a comedy guy but made the magnificent pivot to the dark side as Marty Bryde. The show simply wouldn’t be the same without him. In fact, it might not even be worth watching.

This season is full of death. Full of death and doom. That’s good news for fans. I really didn’t think the second season would be as great as the first, but I sat there blown away as I soaked it up. You all need to be watching.

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