Remember NBA Star Allen Iverson? He Is In Some Trouble These Days

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former NBA star Allen Iverson owes a ton of money in back taxes.

The Blast recently reported:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Georgia Department of Revenue recently hit the NBA legend with a tax lien, claiming Iverson owes taxes for the years 2012 and 2013.

Iverson allegedly owes $25,643.12 from 2012 and $174,465.25 from 2013. The unpaid debt has swelled over the years with $44k in interest and $27k in penalties tacked on for not paying on time. All told, Iverson owes $200,108.37.


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How does Allen Iverson, who made more than $150 million in his career, have so many financial problems? How is it possible to make so much damn money and end up with a tax lien? It doesn’t make sense at all. He’s sitting on some Reebok money, but he won’t get it until 2030. It is of absolutely no help in this situation. (RELATED: ALLEN IVERSON GIVES ONE OF THE MOST BIZARRE INTERVIEWS YOU’LL EVER SEE)


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How many times are we going to have to hear about athletes being in poor financial situations after stacking up cash? How are these guys not surrounded with smarter financial advisors? It will never make sense to me at all.

Iverson made over $150 million, and you’d think that anybody with an ounce of intelligence would have made the decision to put a lot of it away. Look, spending 10 percent of that much money still lets you have a hell of a great time. You could live a great lifestyle on $1–2 million a year. Can you pay for your entire entourage? No, but why would you waste money on stuff you can’t afford anyway?

Good luck to Iverson because I have no idea how he’s going to come up with $200,000 now that he no longer plays basketball.

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