LeBron James’ Latest Idea Sounds Insanely Stupid. What Is He Thinking?

Jena Greene | Reporter

Well, Los Angeles may have officially gone to LeBron’s head.

The basketball all-star is reportedly working on a drama for NBC that will follow a former WNBA star who becomes the head coach of men’s college basketball team. (RELATED: LEBRON JAMES ALREADY SPOTTED PARTYING WITH THESE MASSIVE CELEBRITIES IN LA)

The show will reportedly be called “Hoops,” and has already distributed script-plus-penalty commitment. It’s being co-produced by Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman’s Brownstone Productions and written by “Notorious” and “Heartbeat” writer Jennifer Cecil.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the following:

Hoops revolves around Stevie Decker, who, after years on the road as both a star player and coach in the WNBA, jumps at the chance to return to her alma mater to become the first female head coach of a men’s college basketball team. But her homecoming isn’t easy as her career took a toll on her family and the school she loves is embroiled in a sex scandal involving her mentor, a legendary former coach.

Is it just me, or does it seem like LeBron James is involved in way too many projects at this point? The guy is way over his skis. And this one project is almost destined to fail. People don’t want to watch the WNBA in real life. What makes LeBron think they’re going to watch a made-up version of it in a show?

Maybe LeBron’s a genius and this show skyrockets to success, but I just don’t see it working out.

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Jena Greene



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