Listen To The Terrifying 911 Call From Mac Miller’s Death

Jena Greene | Reporter

The audio from the 911 call made by the person who discovered Mac Miller unresponsive last Friday has been made public.

The call, reportedly made by one of Mac Miller’s close friends, sounds very urgent. He can be heard pleading with the operator to “please hurry,” since it’s increasingly clear that Mac Miller is in a very bad state. (RELATED: HERE’S THE 9-1-1 CALL FROM DEMI LOVATO’S OVERDOSE [AUDIO])

You can listen to the chilling audio, obtained by TMZ, below:

As we previously reported, police suspect Mac Miller had been dead for hours before he was found. (RELATED: NEW DETAILS ON MAC MILLER’S DEATH PAINT A VERY SCARY PICTURE)

They also believe his house had been wiped clean of any evidence of drug use. They only found a small trace of white powder but suspect somebody (in a more sober state of mind) tried to clean the house before investigators found his body.

Mac Miller was pronounced dead around 12 p.m. at his house in San Fernando Valley, California, on Friday. Initial autopsy reports are not clear and additional toxicology reports have been ordered to determine exactly what killed the 26-year-old rapper.

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